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Castle Law Group represents hundreds of clients who have been victims of timeshare fraud.

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Castle Law Group is led by attorneys in key disciplines including corporate law, litigation, finance, tax, real estate, administrative law and government relations.

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Castle Law Group’s timeshare attorneys have helped hundreds of timeshare owners litigate and cancel their contracts.

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Unlike the “cancellation companies” that claim to have the best secret solution to your problems, Castle uses proven legal strategies to get results. Before you get frustrated with an advocacy group, save your time and money by calling Castle today for a free legal consultation.


What Can Castle Do For You?

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    Our Process Starts Immediately

    Once retained, Castle's timeshare attorneys start working immediately to represent you against any fraud or deception.

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    Hard Work, Real Results

    Castle Law Group provides legal services that will communicate to the timeshare resorts that you mean business. A seasoned timeshare attorney will conduct all communications with the timeshare resort to ensure your rights are fully represented. All our cases end with a full and total removal of the timeshare with a settlement agreement that covers your consumer credit and proper tax treatment.

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    Time Is of the Essence

    Stop wasting time and money today. Call 844-578-4866 today for a free legal consultation.

Our timeshare attorneys do what others cannot!

  • Timeshare attorneys can legally advise and represent you, because they are licensed to.
  • Timeshare attorneys are legally your agent, and can make demands of the timeshare developer on your behalf.
  • Timeshare attorneys fight for you to achieve a full, final, and legal cancellation of your timeshare.
  • Timeshare attorneys work to ensure your timeshare debt is cancelled and you have no derogatory marks on your credit.
  • Non-lawyer cancellation companies are often considered unlicensed practice of law.
  • Non-lawyer advocacy services are ineffective because they do not have the power of the law behind them.
  • Non-lawyer advocacy services rarely result in the successful legal cancellation of a timeshare.
  • Non-Lawyer cancellation companies can’t ensure a cancellation of timeshare debt and rarely expunge derogatory credit marks.
I can’t thank y’all enough for helping me put this timeshare contract in the grave. After learning what I had actually agreed to and signed, it was more of a nightmare than a vacation hot spot. The lies and critical information kept from me by the timeshare company was flat out wrong! It took your firm only two months to get this contract cancelled and my down payment back to me. Once again, thanks!Albert C.



Judson Phillips is a seasoned litigation attorney and a former assistant district attorney in Memphis, TN. He has years of experience in dealing with timeshare developers and knows how to get results.

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Chris attended law school at Belmont University College of Law and graduated as a member of the charter class. He is a valuable member of the legal team at Castle Law Group and is using his experience to help consumers live timeshare free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start?

    The best way to start is to call for a free legal review with our law firm. There is no obligation to retain our law firm, but you will better understand our process. Even if we can’t take your case, we will give you other options to pursue.

  • Will my credit be protected?

    No company or attorney can protect your credit. What makes our firm unique is that we ensure the settlement documents have the condition to remove any negative marks and to show a zero balance, closed account on all three credit bureau reports.

  • What should I expect?

    Our process is simple for our clients. Once retained, we will inform the timeshare developer that you have retained Castle Law Group within 5 business days. We handle all further communications with the resort.

  • Will there be any tax liabilities?

    Another unique benefit of having Castle represent you is that we ensure the settlement documents have the condition of a favorable tax treatment, meaning zero tax liabilities. Our process is designed to be as stress-free as possible.

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